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Manufactured in Elkhart, Indiana, Medix Ambulances are engineered to be strong and quiet ambulances that offer exceptional comfort, quality, and convenience. And with one of the shortest lead times in the industry, you can get the ambulance you need fast. 

Republic EVS is the official dealer of Medix Specialty Vehicles in the state of California, Arizona, and Nevada.
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Republic EVS is your official Medix dealer for California, Nevada, and Arizona.


Medix Ambulance Models

Medix Specialty Vehicles, Inc. specializes in Type I, Type II and Type III ambulances built on Ram, Ford or GM chassis. These ambulances are safety-focused and quality-driven, and we’re excited to be able to offer them to our customers! Republic EVS carries a variety of Medix ambulances to best serve our customers. See the whole line-up below!


Medix’s Metro Express 153 is an evolution of the 150 body. This model is available for Type I and Type III ambulance configurations, providing your agency with a versatile and comfortable unit. The Metro Express Type I ambulance can be built with dependable 4×2 or 4×4 conversions with LiquidSpring systems. The Metro Express Type III ambulance boasts a robust modular structure with ample exterior and interior storage. The body of the Metro Express 153 can be configured to meet the rigorous demands of any organization.

Available on a Ford F-350 or Chevy C/K 3500 chassis for the Type I and on a Ford E-350 or Chevy G3500 chassis for the Type III.

MSV-II 157

The Medix MSV-II 157 Type I ambulance boasts a static load test of 74,000+ pounds, making it ideal for any organization looking for a dependable ambulance. The MSV-II 157 features a 145″ module interior, 48″ of aisle space, and 72″ of headroom. This customizable and comfortable model is an ideal Type I Ambulance for a variety of organizations.

Available on the Ford F-450 or 550 chassis, or on a Ram 4500 or 5500 chassis. 

MSV-II 170

Medix offers the MSV-II 170 in a Type I and Type III ambulance! The MSV-II 170 Type I ambulance provides a safe and dependable unit for your crew, offering a comfortable and spacious 48″ of aisle space, 72″ of headroom, and 155″ of room from cabinets to the rear doors. The MSV-II 170 Type III ambulance is just as versatile as its Type I counterpart.

Available on a Ram, Ford F-450 or F-550 chassis for the Type I and on a Ford E-450 or Chevy G-4500 chassis for Type III.


The Medix SRH-148 is a Type II ambulance focused on safety and quality. The SRH-148 features handcrafted wooden cabinetry, formed seamless upholstery, a full roll cage, high back technician seat and pre-wiring for an inverter. Considered the workhorse of the Medix line-up, this Type II is not to be missed! 

Available as a Ford (Transit) or a Sprinter (Mercedes-Benz.)

Metro Express rp90

The RP-90 is the flagship of the Medix line-up, equipped with ample interior and exterior storage while providing 68″ of interior headroom and a 45″ wide compartment aisle. The 90″ wide module provides enough space for your crew to work comfortably while transporting patients and it can be configured for a variety of applications!

Available on a Ford E-350 or Chevy G3500 chassis.

Metro Express 166

With an increased chassis payload, The ME 166 allows for more room for your crew and your patients. This model is has a variety of floor plans to meet the needs and wants of your agency!

Available on a Ford E-450 or Chevy G-4500 chassis.

Metro Express RP-90MR

Medix’s Metro Express RP-90 MR provides ample interior and exterior storage and features a comfortable 68″ of interior headroom and 45″ wide compartment aisle. This Type III Ambulance is versatile, allowing it to be used in bariatric, CCT, and ALS situations, in addition to every day transport needs. The 90″ wide module gives your crew plenty of room to work. Comfort and customization give this type III ambulance an edge on the competition.

Available on the Ford E-350 and the Chevy G-3500.

Metro Express BL90

The Medix BL90 Type III Ambulance was made to meet the needs and requirements of your organization.  The BL90 features a robust modular structure and includes spacious interior and exterior storage. 

Available on a Ford E-350 chassis.

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Republic EVS is your official Medix dealer for California, Nevada, and Arizona.