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Founded in February of 2019, Republic EVS offers superior ambulances at a greater value than our competitors. With high-end products, quality workmanship, innovation, and integrity, Republic EVS provides exceptional emergency vehicles without our customers compromising what’s important to them. We inspire a culture that promotes innovation and integrity, open and honest dialog, and a deep sense of loyalty and accountability to our customers. 

Our staff has over 40 years of combined experience in the field of EMS and Emergency Vehicle Sales, which means we know first-hand what is important to EMS professionals. In an industry where safety is critical, we deliver the safest vehicles with an industry-leading warranty for customer’s peace of mind.

Republic EVS currently offers Medix and Gen-T Ambulances in the states of California, Nevada, and Arizona. We also provide service plans and packages for emergency vehicles across the west. 


In an industry where lives depend on performance, we’re committed to providing first-rate service from expert technicians.


At Republic EVS, our mission is to be a leading supplier of emergency vehicles, providing a superior product at a considerable value. 


With a mixture of experience in the field and in emergency vehicle sales, Republic EVS has the knowledge to make sure you have the right emergency vehicle for your crew. 

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Republic EVS is your official Medix and Gen-T Ambulance dealer for California, Nevada, and Arizona.



Garett Adelman

Director of Sales

Wide-ranging experience in sales and in the customer fulfillment industry for over 21 years. Ambulance specific sales and engineering for 13+ years. Utilized customer experience design principles to advance and improve Fire & EMS Agencies. Responsible for managing clients, team members, contractors, contracts, delivery and support with respect to ambulance transactions. My primary focus is “Customer First”, making sure all processes of the Ambulance project are completed with quality emphasized. My goal is to exceed customer expectations every step of the way and to make sure they are completely satisfied with the final product. I encourage all potential customers who are interested in doing business with us to contact Republic EVS.

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Regional Account Manager

As a 16-year veteran of sales and customer support, with a family background in the emergency medical sales and service industry, Brandon provides knowledge, a strong work ethic, and a true ambition to please his clients. Our customers can rest assured they will be handled in a timely manner and with Brandon’s full attention to detail and his high work standard. His motto is “Don’t just meet your customers’ expectations; exceed them.”


Rebecca Crane

Office Manager

With over 20 years of experience in the Office Manager roll, Rebecca will be optimizing productivity, efficiency, recordkeeping, workflow and service quality across the board. With attention to detail, she will always be available Monday through Friday for an update on an order, warranty claim, parts request or invoice. Putting customers first will be her principal in sales, invoicing and all other aspects at RepublicEVS.


Claudia Ruiz

Sale Engineering, Title & DMV Prep

Claudia Ruiz brings a decade of experience in accounting and inside sales coordination. With extensive backgrounds in Nuclear and EMS industries, reliability as well as accuracy is paramount. With a focus on continuous improvement that ensures the products are built and delivered to the customers on time, at the highest quality and at a reasonable cost. She will be handling all titling and DMV paperwork for prompt licensing to get your ambulances in service as soon as possible.


Ryan Drew

Tech Consultant

With over 20 years of experience in the Emergency Vehicle Field, Ryan has most likely seen it and fixed it. Ryan will provide his expertise and analysis to keep customers’ ambulances in service. He is a FCC licensed technician with manufacture specific training for Whelen, Federal Signal, Code 3 and Sound Off.

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